Maison Orcia

Maison Orcia was born in 2016 within the Manchès family: it all began as an adventure between brothers. We are winemakers with vineyards in Côte Rôtie and we love our land, the Rhône Valley, above all.

Jean-Philippe Manchès

I think nature deserves our attention and respect.

I’ve always been interested in the terroir in general, and everything it has to offer.

The real key is understanding how to work with what nature can lend us.

"Wine isn't just a passion, it's also a way of life."

From terroir to production

Philosophy & objective

Our aim is to reflect the soul of the terroir and to give the purest expression of the grapes of the Rhône Valley in collaboration with the winemakers.

We work with those who share our philosophy: those who respect the environment and its biodiversity to produce wines with as little human intervention as possible.

We are proud to showcase the diversity of French terroirs and to offer you wines that reflect our passion and craftsmanship.

Honest wines

La Maison Orcia is a human-scale, independent company with a short, efficient range.

We select our wines and source vintages from friendly winemakers to ensure that they meet the different preferences and particular tastes of our customers.

Our final products are French wines that are accessible to all and can be enjoyed with everyday meals.